Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blake Lively

Loving Blake Lively's hair in this shot of her out shopping this last week!  You don't normally get to see her hair curls like this, it really looks gorgeous doesn't it?

photo credit

What do you think?
Plus, her shoes, her whole outfit, actually, doesn't she just look fabulous??  Would you go shopping in heels like that though?

I don't think I could cut it,
especially while being pregnant! :)


Sherin said...

Blake Lively looks amazing here!! I wish I could casually walk around in heels like that as well. And her hair is so gorgeous.

K & J said...

Yes, she does look gorgeous and I love the hair.
....and the outfit OMG I want it. I LOVE those shoes and I'm crazy enough to wear them shopping. Jess always teases me because I'll wear a pair of 4 inch heels just to go shopping. Kara XOXOXO

PS I'm sure you could still "cut it" even pregnant :) Though you may only want to wear the shoes when sitting :P

Secret Dream World of Fe said...

This girl always look gorgeous. I'm a huge fan. Great body, wonderful wavy hair. I think she's fantastic.

I heart high heels, in love with them. It boosts my self confidence. But going shopping with them, OMG, it certainly feels like hell. Oh well, no pain no gain. There goes a girl's effort to look fabulous :p Yay to high heels!

Rachel said...

Blake looks insanely gorgeous in this photo. Love her. Her hair. Her outfit. Her shoes. HER LEGS. Lol. Perfect!


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