Thursday, August 16, 2012

My baby

 I'm finally sharing pics of my little one with you!  It's actually hard to know where to begin picture wise!  I have so many to chose from!  I'm going to show you some of my favs from his 1st few days! 

Like I said the other day he was 5lbs 7 ounces!  Jonathan!  He was so tiny and so precious!

Born 3 weeks early with an emergency csection because og some serious complications I was having.  I ended up having something called H.E.L.L.P. syndrome but thankfully Jonathan was healthy and I was after a couple of weeks.  Not too sick though that I couldn't enjoy my baby!

that 's all I'm going to post today.  Don't want to overload you with baby pics!  More posts to come!


Jenmarie said...

What a precious little guy! I think he looks like you in the first picture :) I'm glad everything went ok. What was having a c-section like? How long did it take you to recover?

ana said...

Congratulations!!!! those kind of things happens... my baby was born earlier too 22 days because of complications... but now he is very strong and healthy! your baby is sooo adorable!

Sherin said...

He's so adorable!! I'm glad to see these gorgeous pictures of him.
And so happy to have you back to blogging too! We missed you.

The Redhead Fashionista said...

Aww, he is too cute! I'm so happy for you, Tasha! :)


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