Saturday, November 14, 2009

Best Dressed

So Teen Vogue has on their website the 10 best dressed girls of the month. The month being September. Here are the ones from the bunch I wanted to show you!

Victoria Justice
Wearing: BCBG Max Azria

She looks stunning in this red dress! The color is very flattering! Brings out her rosy cheeks and red lipstick! She looks great, doesn't she girls?

Lauren Conrad
Wearing: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Ah, Lauren Conrad, of course she looks gorgeous! What else is new??

Emma Watson
Wearing: Burberry

I love this glittering gold dress Emma is wearing! She has really become quite the fashionista!

What do you think about these dresses? Did they look good or just ok in your book? Let me know what you think! That is what comments are for!!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend girls!!



deep_in_vogue said...

Emma looks amazing, the Burberry dress she is wearing is divine!

mica said...

wow emma watson really looks very matured for her age dont u think? i liked the 1st pic - the red dress - she looks very energetic & full of life! emma kinda looks abit dull & lethargic.

Lilee said...

damn Victoria Justice looks amazing! great colour for her.

Sherin said...

Emma Watson and Lauren Conrad will always deserve to be named best dressed. Those two never do wrong. I love Emma's dress!

E said...

GAH! I'm drooling over Emma's look!

Kendra said...

Love your blog, so cool

Vicki said...

they look amazing! love this peachy colour on lauren! :) xx

Big Daddy said...

Ah i agree with all of these, and your right lauren conrad always looks amazing. I think she has really great style and people seem to not pay attention to her!

Anonymous said...

I love victoria justices red dress !

Lucie said...

Thanks Tasha!

Lauren Conrad has to be my absolute fave! She has such a girly and cute sense of style. Love her!

Much love x

Ashley said...

Love Emma Watson's Burberry dress..and the platforms..ahhh.

gleenn said...

i love what Emma wore. it isn't boring, isn't loud either, but naturally stunning. ;)

Cafe Fashionista said...

I need Emma's dress - the color is heavenly! :)

Kristin said...

Emma has been killing it this year!


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