Monday, June 28, 2010


Here's a couple quick shots of my blonde highlights.  I'm almost as blonde as I was originally but not quite.  I'm pleased with the color right now. 

Sorry this isn't an outfit post.  I'm not wearing anything exciting here, just one of my husband's t-shirts.  It was late when I took the pictures.  

I also wanted to show you some new mascara that I bought recently.  It's Maybelline's The Falsies.  It works amazingly well!  I would suggest buying it, if you're like me and still want a good mascara without having to spend tons of money on it.  I think it was around $6.  Not bad considering how expensive they can get.

I'll show you some pictures with me wearing the mascara soon.  
On another note, I don't know why but I'm feeling a little blue.  I hate to admit this but I feel as though the amount of comments I've been getting lately are sort of dwindling and I'm not sure why.  I know it probably isn't a good idea to actually mention this in a post.  Do you girls ever feel a little discouraged sometimes with the amount of feedback you get from your posts??  I hope I'm not the only one who feels this way some times.  Usually I feel SO BLESSED and very pleased with everything involving this blog.  I guess I sort of feel like maybe I'm doing something wrong as of late? 
So I'm being brave and going to ask for advice and any suggestions you girls have for the blog??

I know my blog itself is under construction, and I can't say when it will be officially finished with it's new look, but I'm planning on very soon.  The header is what's taking the longest time ot create.  Hopefully that's not making people turn away.  I also try to reach out and comment with as much time as I have because I know how important that is.  
Anyway, this is not me trying to complain, I'm just feeling a little bit down about it today and thought I would try to go to the source.  You girls are always so helpful and I know I can always count on you for good advice!   Thank you for reading my blog and for being there with kind words!!  You girls really are the best!  I hope your day is going wonderfully! 



projectvee said...

aaw you look so pretty! i love your eyes. great highlights, you're right - it is almost as light as before!

and don't worry about the blog. perhaps lots of people are just on vacation, or busy with summer!
i definitely feel the same way lately. i also feel generally uninspired to post recently :(

projectvee said...
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Fashion Thief said...

First of all, I really like your hair now, you're adorable!
Second, I've been meaning to try on that mascara for some time now and I will as soon as possible!
Third, your blog has a really nice and simple design as it is, and I wouldn't change the header, simplicity is what pays out! But maybe you could enlarge your post titles so they pop more! Just a suggestion! ;)

Mylène said...

oooh, I like your hair!
the colour is beautiful =)
thank you for your sweet comment and for following me, I really appreciate that!

Michelle Elaine said...

Lovely hair dvrling! I need to fix up my roots - it's pretty awful right now.

I saw the you commented on Taylor of Sterling Style's post about Ashley Olsen - I did a DIY Givenchy inspired studded leather jacket with MK Olsen in mind.


annie said...

It's summer time. People are busy.:) Cute hair!

annie said...

oh, and I love your blog cuz it's awesome! :)

Sherin said...

I love your hair!!! The colour does look really good, and put together with the length, it suits you so well.
I've heard good things about the Mascara, so I'll be giving it a try as soon as my one runs out.

About the blog: you're definitely not the only one to have felt that way. I've been discouraged so many times by lack of feedback and wonder why I do this. I seriously have been on the point of giving up a number of times. And then something happens that makes me realise why: it might be a nice comment or an intersting email. You've just got to hang in there.

Your blog is one of my favourites! And you're one of my favourite bloggers as well. I hope you feel that you can email me any time you feel down :)

Valerie said...

You look so pretty!!! I love the highlights, such a great look for summertime. I love your blog, but I completely understand how you feel. I keep telling myself that I write my blog because I love doing it and the comments and feedback are just additional inspiration. And like everything there are ebbs and flows. Good luck and keep up the good work!


Leia said...

I think we all feel a bit down when it comes to our blogs... but then we get wonderful comments from our friends and that cheers us up! :D I think your content is great, and as for layout what I look for is something simple that doesn't distract too much from the posts.

Maybelline the Falsies is my new favorite mascara. It's absolutely amazing!

And I love your hair. It's such a drastic change from when you first started the blog!

Anonymous said...

Please don't worry about the ammount of your comments! I love your blog and check it every day for new posts! The only thing you could improve it by is posting more! I really really love to read about you and your life.

This is only the second time I comment, since I don't have an account or anything but that doesn't mean I don't like your blog.

I really like your highlights. You can pull of mainy hairstyles and colours!

XoXo Louisa

LumpexoHoliczka said...

wooooow! you looks so so so cute!
i love your smile, its so beautiful


thingsIlove said...

Your hair is amazing! Thanks for your comment.


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