Monday, April 04, 2011

Outfit Post: The Granny Look

Hello there girls, I want to say thank you for listening to my venting the other day.  Things are still frustrating at work, but I appreciate all you that listened and for your encouragement!  

I also, actually have an outfit post to share with you today.  

It was really bright out that day, so most of my pictures turned out like this:

 I would not make it long on America's Next Top Model, that's for sure!!

I thought the outfit was cute though, so I wanted to share it with you! 

I really love the pattern on this skirt:

Isn't that trig in the background annoying though?  

My husband also caught me trying to pull the skirt down a little bit, with this style of skirt, it can ride up a bit, and make you look like a granny:

Which, is something I never want.  Do you like the granny look??

I do however, like the ankle booties:

Ruffle top & black tights: Gordmon's
Black Blazer: Miley Cyrus & Max Azria for Walmart
Skirt & ring: F21
Ankle booties: Colin Stuart (courtesy

My birthday is tomorrow, I'm turning 25 years old!  I'm still young at heart, and love it when my birthday comes around, so I can't wait for tomorrow, and enjoying a day just for me!  
Sound selfish?  I hope not! : P
Do you still look forward to your birthday?


K & J said...

YAY!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mine was 4/1 (22). I hope you have a wonderful day planned.
I LOVE the outfit and it doesn't look granny at all LOL. Plus very HOT boots :) Just need to add some FAB sunglasses to block out that sun next time :)

Again have fun tomorrow. Kara XOXOXO

Laura said...

Love the pattern and cut of the skirt! And those ankle booties are haute, haute haute!

Yes I majorly look forward to my birthday, and making a big deal celebrating others! So live it up and enjoy it girl. Happy (almost) 25th!

Jenmarie said...

This outfit is so cute! My favorite piece is the skirt!

I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Louisa said...

You look very nice in this outfit! What are you going to wear at your birthday? You shouldn't feel like it's selfish. It is completely harmeless to enjoy this day.

Leia said...

That is such a pretty skirt! And happy birthday!

annie said...

I'm just now starting America's next top model! I've never watched a full season... :)

Sherin said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had an amazing day!!
That's definitely a really cute outfit. The skirt is so pretty.

Sunaina said...

cute skirt! hope you had a splendid bday!!!

Marika xoxo said...

A Late Happy Bday!!!

My last post was an outfit post too ;)


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